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Specialized Collision Reconstruction Services

Low-Speed Impact Analysis and Reconstruction

-          Impact Speed Determination

-          Speed Change and “g-force” Analysis (Collision Severity)

-          Damage Consistency Assessment

-          Fraud Detection

Major Accident Reconstruction

-          Linear and Rotational Momentum Analyses

-          Speed Determination from Crash Damage

-          Speed Calculation from Tire marks

-          Work, Force and Energy Analyses

-          Speed Change (Delta-V and “g-force”) Analysis

-          Computer Collision Simulation using SMAC and CRASH

-          Point of Impact Reconstruction

-          Liability and Causation Determination

-          Occupant Kinematics

-          Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

-          Commercial Vehicle Collisions – Including Rollover Analysis

-          Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction

Vehicle Factors Analyses

-          Crash Damage Profile and Vehicle Stiffness Parameter Determination

-          Crash Data Event Retrieval (CRE can download information stored in the on-board airbag computer known as the "black box")

-          Automobile Seat-Back Failure Analyses

-          Seatbelt Use Determination

-          On-Off Lamp Analysis

-          Motor Vehicle Component Inspections Including: Brakes, Steering, and Suspension

-          Photographic Documentation of Collision Damage

Environmental Factors Analyses

-          Scene Inspection and Measurements using Total Station Surveying Equipment

-          Roadway Design and Liability Determination (Performed by a Registered Professional Engineer)

-          Line-of-Sight Determination

Human Factors Analyses

-          Perception Reaction and Time-Distance Analyses

-          Geometric Accident Avoidance Analyses

Demonstrative Evidence and Courtroom Presentations

-          Large Format CAD Diagrams Using the Latest AutoCAD Technology

-          3D Computer Animations

-          Calculations Performed Using MathCAD

-          Low-Light and Macro Forensic Photography and Poster Board Enlargements

-          Video Reenactments

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