Crash Data Retrieval (“black box” downloads)
∆   Passenger vehicle event data recorder (EDR) imaging using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System
∆   Commercial vehicle engine control module (ECM) downloading
Low-Speed Impacts
∆   Impact speed determination
∆   Delta-V and “g-force” analyses
∆   Damage consistency assessment
∆   Insurance claim and fraud investigation
∆   Occupant movements
Major Accident Investigations
∆   Aerial photography and video using unmanned aerial systems (drones)
∆   Impact speeds calculations using momentum analyses
∆   Speed determination from collision damage (CRUSH)
∆   Speed calculation from tire friction marks
∆   3D computer simulations using SMAC and CRASH and PC-CRASH
∆   Auto-pedestrian accidents and area-of-impact determination
∆   Commercial vehicle collisions – including rollovers
Vehicle Factors Analyses
∆   Automobile seat-back failure analyses
∆   Seatbelt use determination
∆   Headlight on/off determination
∆   Brake hydraulic and air brake inspections
Environmental Factors Analyses
∆   Scene Inspections using 3D scanners and/or surveying equipment by licensed engineers
∆   Roadway design and defect determination by licensed engineers
∆   Line-of-sight determinations
Human Factors Analyses
∆   Perception-reaction analyses
∆   Geometric accident avoidance analyses
Demonstrative Evidence and Courtroom Presentations
∆   CAD diagrams
∆   3D computer simulations
∆   Mathcad, MATLAB, Solidworks, Working Model 2D, and Patran analyses
∆   Day/night point-of-view visibility studies using high-definition digital cameras